Company History


Motional Multimedia was founded by Nancy Zurbuchen under the company name of Motional Images. At that time, the company specialized in creating 3-D animation, special effects videographics, and early interactive formats such as CDi and online bulletin boards. As a pioneer in both 3-D animation and interactive media, the company counted as its clients nearly all video post production facilities in the area.


Projects included the Kansas City Chiefs and the Royals game graphics, TV commercials for retail clients, and many training and industrial programs. Computer graphics and animation solved a problem confronting industrial and training video producers in that they could now visually show something which was difficult to explain or impossible to shoot. At that time, most clients had never purchased 3-D animation before, and establishing a sense of trust and loyalty with a client was as important as follow-through with successful production.

The company name was changed to Motional Multimedia in 1993 to accommodate the wider range of services offered as the company kept pace with emerging technology. Motional Multimedia and its associates have been on the cutting edge of Internet strategy. You may notice that as you read through the details of sample projects listed on this website, you'll find a few that were definitely ahead of their time, dating back to the early and mid 1990s.

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