Would You Like to Borrow a Team of Experts?

What's the difference between a team and a committee? Teams tend to get something done, and committees tend to talk about getting something done!

Does your company have an ad-hoc ‘website committee?' Have you been trying to get your website done using your own employees? Let me guess – your website is still not up (or updated) and the employees, though very talented, are so busy doing their ‘real jobs' that they never seem to be able to make the website a priority for long enough to complete it. So the result is an occasional lurching forward on the company website project, only to be supplanted by customer needs or an internal IT crisis. If that is the case with your company, let me ask a question:

Would you like to borrow a team of experts?

Our team of experts has deep knowledge and experience in website and database design and development; in project management, and in business communications. We know how to work with clients to meet deadlines and budgets. We also know how to obtain the always-critical ‘employee buy-in' and consensus on a project. As you saw on our homepage:

“We approach everything with a mindset toward ACTION . . .
Enthusiasm infused with KNOWLEDGE;
Innovative solutions tempered with a proven TRACK RECORD.”


Below are a few of our team members. We hope you'll consider teaming up with us, and contact us soon to discuss your project.

Nancy Zurbuchen, President
Marketing Communications Strategy, Planning, and Implementation

Tina Carroll

Media Relations and Communication Development in Healthcare and Government Agencies


Ron Nicholson
Internet Strategist, E-Commerce Specialist

Tom Palmer
Interface Designer, Interactive Creative Director

Alan Ernst
Social Marketing and Grassroots Strategist, Project Manager


Craig Campbell

Videographer, Video Editor


Aaron Bono

Programmer, Software Developer