American Cancer Society


ACS realized that if their employees working in health education could better understand the nuances of the tobacco control segment, their community organizing efforts would be more effective. Our part in the project was to create the curriculum regarding the history of tobacco control, leading up to current data and best practices, and cover how to apply what they learned. The program could also be used to get new employees up to speed on the issue. The challenge was to deliver it without putting anyone to sleep, which we did. To quote one participant, "I never really thought about it, but now see how we got to where we are today. Learning about the history was interesting! I'm proud that I knew all the answers on that pop up questionnaire."

We devised:

  • Employee focus groups to ascertain the level of knowledge and interest; they were short, and rather entertaining, with music.
  • A “knowledge management” approach to capture the information in a database and the ability for users to find what they needed when they needed it.
  • An internal promotion to pique employee interest prior to campaign launch.
  • Curricula presented in segments, online, written in a light style with an online self-test.
  • A low-tech Tool Box that literally contained flash cards mounted on a ring, what we called a ‘Memo-ring' for quick reference at the beginning.
  • A 90-Day Survival Guide for new employees, presenting just what they need to know first and fast.