Our experience in marketing communications spans 30 years. Some of our clients and projects were literally on the cutting edge in the early days of the Internet.The concepts and utilization ideas were innovative at the time. A few of our favorites appear below. 


Hallmark Cards, Inc.

E-commerce; Web-based product fulfillment system; Information Design. Year: 1997


We managed the implementation of Hallmark's first e-commerce website in 1997. This was prior to the company having in-house capabilities, so as one of the leaders in early Internet database development, we got the job. The website was, and in March 1998 this site was listed as one of the top 20 commerce sites on the Internet.

Our responsibilities included project management, marketing, budgeting, strategic planning, scheduling, information design, vendor selection, and contract negotiations. In addition to the transactional website, complete end-to-end automation of the supply chain was designed. This included a web-based product fulfillment system to support multiple drop ship vendors, real-time inventory tracking, and self-serve customer service systems (an extranet.) Customers and suppliers were empowered to create and modify orders in real-time. Back orders were eliminated because inventory control happened in real-time; in other words, when inventory on a specific product reached a prescribed low level, it was no longer shown as an option for purchase on the website. This solution contained several cutting-edge functions.





Innovator's Network, LLC

Online consumer marketing, 1995


The terminology "opt-in" and "opt-out" for online marketing purposes had not been invented yet.
This project pioneered the concept of "reverse marketing" (or "pull marketing") in which consumers control the information they get from marketers. The database directory we conceptualized and proposed enabled consumers to request information both on and off-line, i.e., mail, e-mail, phone or fax. By creating fields related to an individual, consumers could update their preferences in real-time. A consortium of leading direct marketers adopted this concept in 1997.




Refractive Surgery Services / Later bought by Chiron Laser Systems

Business-to-Business training and sales promotion, 1994 - 1996


Our clients had an immediate need to train ophthalmologists in new refractive surgery techniques. The year was 1994, and CD-ROM development was in its infancy. We created a unique solution for our clients, incorporating full-motion video within the training program, using CDi technology.  Interactive applications for sales and use of laser equipment were also produced, with one going on to win a silver Telly Award. These programs required extensive team-building skills and coordination with both inside personnel and resources, vendors, and doctors. The client was RSS Refractive Surgery Services.

We also designed and implemented their online (BBS) system as the delivery mechanism for the company services of data gathering, manipulation, and reporting. Online BBS systems (like AOL in the "old" days) were forerunners for the way the Web is used today. The client for this project was Chiron Laser Systems.
Corporate training:  online enrollment and tracking of attendees, 1999-2001

Data-driven website content was a new idea at the time. A corporate training company needed to handle a deluge of students, and subsequent billing based on verified attendance. The challenge went beyond simply tracking enrollment; the solution had to be flexible enough to manage constantly changing classes, dates, dropped sessions, and no-shows. We developed a database in SQL that met all of the client needs. The database administration, data entry, and reporting was developed with a web-based interface so that it could be accessed from anywhere.



















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