As "Captain Obvious" would say, "Nothing happens until somebody communicates something to someone else!" Think about it:  aren't all business endeavors essentially striving for effective communication in one form or another?

At Motional Multimedia, we view effective communication as a three-legged stool:

  1. Audience (or recipient of the communication – a purposefully targeted group or type)
  2. Message (not only the words used, but also the tone of the message. Will it resonate with the audience? Is it persuasive?)
  3. Method (the vehicle or tool used to carry the message – electronic, print, voice, video, social?)

If just one of the three elements is unevenly matched, wobbly, or missing – communication of the message is impaired or lost completely. No one would trust a wobbly stool enough to sit on it. Now visualize the seat on the three-legged stool as the outcome of the communication attempt. Was the intended purpose accomplished? Was information learned, or was action taken? If so, the result is a sturdy stool worthy of trust; solid legs make a solid seat.



Trust Motional Multimedia to deliver a solid three-legged stool, every time!



  • Solid understanding of corporate and/or product branding
  • Websites for marketing and informational purposes
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), including writing effective copy to drive traffic to your website
  • Paid online message placement (pay-per-click, pay-per-view, text ads, banner ads)
  • Transactional website for catalog-style sales and fulfillment
  • Scheduled outreach (such as newsletters) to existing and potential customers
  • Promotional campaigns for products or services
  • Grassroots campaigns for advocacy purposes
  • Co-branding with other companies, non-profits, or media
  • Video tours and testimonials, delivered as part of the company website, social media, or removable media


  • Secure websites for sales support, such as accessible sales materials and current data
  • Employee training applications, online and verifiable
  • Knowledge management, which is the capture and retrieval of organizational memory, in the form of documents as well as intangible knowledge

Get Motional! . . . with Motional Multimedia!


Photo of three legged stools in a row