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Welcome to the Motional Library, a repository of the works authored by founder, Nancy Zurbuchen.  Topics include innovation, small business advocacy, technology adoption, business growth, and general business topics. Most are published articles, some are researched white papers, some are op-ed pieces.


Schematic View of Business Lifecycles

Most business lifecycle diagrams focus only on high-growth models. This one accommodates both high and slow growth models, showing how they intersect. Also added are thought balloons representing typical areas of focus for various stages.


When Innovation and Policy Collide
Innovation is an almost fragile, inter-related cycle that can be easily broken. Innovation is rooted in the evolution of a creative idea. The evolution of a creative idea produces inventions. Inventions provide plentiful opportunities. Opportunities produce economic growth … along with more creative ideas. Innovation thrives on interaction, borrowing existing concepts, give-and-take and information sharing.

Perspective on Democracy
In “The Wealth and Poverty of Nations,” David Landes observes, “If we learn anything from the history of economic development, it is that culture makes all the difference.” A culture of dependence is the polar opposite of a self-reliant culture. It is human to want more, to think of self first; but we as humans also have a conscience as a counterbalance.

Can Entrepreneurism Be Taught?
 What is the “spark” that ignites an entrepreneur to start a company, an activity usually per¬formed in spite of great personal risk?  One economist declares entrepreneurs to be lucky fools, while another notes that they are almost a mystery.

Communication is Good Business
When considering effective business communication, many people make the mistake of applying it only to the most obvious—their company's outgoing advertising and marketing messages. Taking such a limited view, however, eliminates the majority of the communication messages a company generates.


An Innovation Diffusion Perspective on the Adoption of Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification

The focus of this study centers on the persuasion stage and the decision stage as presented in Roger's innovation decision process. The innovation under scrutiny was WBE certification, and the potential adopters were women business owners.


Tech Economy Still Bypassing Women
Op-ed:  The Kansas City Star. Observations, statistics, commentary, and recommendations on the topic of attracting and retaining females in the technology economy.


Capitalizing on the Business Trend of Knowledge Management

For non-profit organizations, the concept of capitalizing of on collective knowledge has special potential for increased productivity because non-profits are human-capital intensive. Human capital is the primary source for innovation and regeneration in an organization; therefore, managing the knowledge of a non-profit organization has the potential to yield disproportionately high results. 

The Nature of Networks: Why Technology Tends to Eliminate Alternative to Itself

Technology for the masses is taken for granted, as it has become so pervasive in our lives that we don't even notice it anymore. The telephone, pagers, television, and radios have invaded our personal space. More recently, computers and the Internet have done the same. If it continues, as it most certainly will, some have argued that technology will eventually eliminate alternatives to itself.