Business-to-Business Clients


Marketing in the B2B environment requires a remarkably different mindset than for general marketing practices. Frequently the purchasing cycle is longer, the sell is more educational, price points are higher, and the messaging must speak not only to the buyer but also to the decision-makers up the management chain. This difference has always been there; what is new are the expanded tools we now have for reaching B2B audience, to accommodate changes in the B2B buyer behavior.

Now more than ever before, SEO (search engine optimization) is a necessary and vital part of your website strategy and development. The good news is that the search engines are smarter than they ever have been at reading, evaluating and serving up great, relevant content to the searcher. This greatly benefits the legitimate companies and weeds out the marginal ones and the spammers. However, getting great search result placement does not happen by accident; it takes knowledge, planning, and persistence.

Below are examples of our B2B client projects.



Ossola Industrials

Manufacturer and distributor of refractory products for high-temperature and molten metal containment


This Wordpress site features responsive design, popular graphic styles, large photos, interactive roll-overs. The challenge was to present a large amount of highly technical information in an format that is easily navigated. The result is that the user can find what they are looking for, whether they are searching by industry or by application, in a fresh design. 

The scope of the project included strategic planning, marketing communications plan, logo development, and a new website.

 Ossola Industrials logo graphic

SmartCare Consultants
A health and wellness analytics technology company

SmartCare is a sophisticated cloud-based platform that gathers, measures, and reports on data. The source of the data is the daily living patterns of seniors, which is collected through sensors in an environment such as a senior living community. The reporting allows caregivers to spot trends that signal a potential health problem, such as movement or activities that seem out of the ordinary. This type of data analysis helps the senior maintain their independence, and helps caregivers to operate more effectively and efficiently.

The goal for the SmartCare site was clean, dynamic design, while connoting technology, and simple navigation with straightforward copy.


 Smartcare homepage slide show image
Mark One Electric Company

Commercial electrical contracting company

One of the challenges for site design was to present the many hundreds of project photos in a coherent way that didn't bog the system down. We did not want pages and pages of thumbnails, so instead we devised a slide show / jquery solution. Project photos are arranged by industry, type, and project. Single thumbnail photos indicate which project, and when clicked a viewing window opens that shows project details in text and all related photos. The presentation of photos is controllable by the user. The content for this site, like all sites we create, is database-driven, and in a CMS (content management system.)




Bennett Packaging and Displays

Manufacturer of corrugated shipping cartons and point-of-purchase displays


No dull manufacturing site here! We conceptualized the opening animation on the homepage to visually show the wide the range of services, the fact that they own their state-of-the-art equipment and manufacture on-site, that they are technologically adept, and that they have a sense of humor.

The user interface accommodates the company's many offerings in a coherent, clear way. My client consistently tells me they get positive comments about their website from customers and from within the industry.





Brainstorm Digital

Digitally printed grand-format and promotional graphics

This website was a challenge to devise a way to show 1) a very wide range of product and services, 2) a number of very diverse types of customers, and 3) a lot of variation in the way the products can be used. Wrestling this three-way monster into submission was accomplished by grouping products, and grouping types separately.


On the site navigation bar, visual organizational cues are given in the form of colored dots that group choices according to type of link. So, a product types (i.e., 3-D Signage) are yellow and how the product will be used (i.e., Corporate and Retail Branding) are pink. The colored dots follow through to the subpages. In organizing the site in this manner, users are able to relate to the offerings according to where they are mentally coming from. Slide shows that play automatically when clicking on a thumbnail gives added user interest as well as leaving room for project additions in the future.