Get Motional! With a Website Crafted by Motional Multimedia

We love what we do:  creating websites. And it shows – each website we create exemplifies our commitment to doing it right the first time. Doing it right means that the look and feel of the site reflects our client – not us. Graphically speaking, the user interface has been designed to visually attract the user, and move them logically through the site without getting lost. The website copy is written in a tone to match the look and feel, using persuasive language. Persuasive language doesn't shout; instead, it informs, intrigues, tells your story, and presents your company in its best light. Well-written persuasive language sets the stage for an effective call to action.


Website Development Service Levels:
Create a new website from the ground up – for new organizations, entrepreneurial start-ups, or for anyone who has a perfectly horrible website from which virtually nothing should be retained. You know who you are . . .

Total site re-design – for re-branding a company: create a new look and feel with new graphics, and pick up some elements from your existing website, such as photos, possibly logos, and content such as history.

Optimize site for search engine optimization (SEO) – for clients that require better ranking in search engine results.  This is especially essential for business-to-business marketing as well as non-profits with a business-oriented message.

Website refreshing and updating – for companies that need to augment their current site:  add new pages, write new or edit copy, update colors, add photos or videos, or take the site into a CMS (content management system).

Your website is an extension of your organization's mission, priorities, and brand.

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