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Motional’s Robotaxis Are Coming to LA!

Coming soon, Angelenos can take an autonomous ride in an all-electric Motional robotaxi.

Motional and Uber Eats

Motional and Uber Eats conduct autonomous deliveries in Santa Monica

In early 2022, Motional began conducting autonomous deliveries for Uber Eats customers in Santa Monica, using our IONIQ 5 AVs. We modified the vehicle to have a special compartment to transport food, with customers able to easily retrieve their order by swiping on our partner’s app and collecting it from the backseat. Our service is the first time an AV has conducted deliveries on the Uber Eats network. Visit the Uber Eats app to request a delivery. 


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Motional's all-electric IONIQ 5 robotaxi driving in Los Angeles

Motional to launch a driverless ride-hail service in LA

The service will use Motional’s all-electric IONIQ 5 robotaxis and will be the first time autonomous vehicles are available on a major ride-hail app in LA. Follow Motional on social media for details on when the service is launching and how you can catch a ride.


Why pick an autonomous ride?

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to bring many benefits to communities:

Safer Transportation

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AVs are never drunk, drowsy, or distracted. Motional has driven over 2 million autonomous miles with zero at-fault incidents. 

Better Access

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40% of Americans have said they don’t have reliable access or any access to public transportation.

Improved Quality of Life

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The average American spends approximately an hour commuting each day - time better spent resting, working, or socializing.

More Sustainable

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A Motional study in Singapore found that autonomous ride-hails could reduce the reliance on personal vehicles by two-thirds.

Back Seat Car

Motional’s IONIQ 5 Robotaxi

Motional developed the all-electric IONIQ 5 robotaxi through strategic collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group.

The IONIQ 5 robotaxi is a SAE level 4 autonomous vehicle, meaning it can safely operate without a driver. The autonomous technology is the result of decades of R&D by the Motional team and over two million miles of testing.

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Motional for Safe Streets

We believe AVs can improve road safety by eliminating accidents caused by human error, but we also know that safe transportation goes beyond our technology. Safe streets mean pedestrian and cyclist friendly roads, adequate infrastructure, effective use of public spaces, and more.  

In 2022, we launched Motional for Safe Streets, an initiative dedicated to supporting urban road safety. In LA, we partnered with two local organizations, CicLAvia and Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE), to support their activities in the community.


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Motional team members volunteering

Learn more about Motional’s footprint in LA: