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Motional for Safe Streets

Motional for Safe Streets was created to help address the many challenges impacting road safety in cities. 

A Passion for Safe Streets


At Motional, our passion for safe transportation goes beyond our technology. While autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to eliminate automotive crashes caused by reckless driving, distracted driving, or human error, we know that road safety encompasses so much more.

Safe streets mean pedestrian and cyclist friendly roads, adequate infrastructure, effective use of public spaces, and more. By staying informed and involved with the issues impacting the many facets of urban road safety, we’re committing to creating an overall safer mobility ecosystem that our AVs will contribute to.

We know there’s no one right answer to improving road safety. That’s why we’re taking a multi pronged approach where we’ll use our resources and extensive knowledge in mobility, as well as our passionate team members, to support this important movement.

Raising Road Safety Awareness

We'll use education to advocate for the issues impacting overarching road safety. That means being vocal about safety factors even when they won’t involve our vehicles, such as safer crosswalk design.

Supporting Safety Legislation

With legislation, we're actively involved in the non-AV policies impacting safe and accessible mobility, such as the California AB 1909 - Bicycle Omnibus Bill. 

Working with Community Groups

We’re working with organizations within our operation areas, so that Motional team members can volunteer and take part in their community events. 

In the Community

We're proud to support Motional employees playing an active role in their communities. 

Motional team members volunteering

Motional sponsored SAFE's Finish the Ride event. Finish the Ride was started by Damian Kevitt in the spirit of courage and determination after a devastating hit-and-run accident while cycling.



Motional team members volunteering at a school in Boston

Motional team members were delighted to spend time with elementary students at a school in East Boston, MA. The students are studying autonomous vehicles in their class, and had the opportunity to interact with Motional's robotaxi, while learning more about the technology and safety.



Motional team members volunteering at BikePGH

Motional team members staffing BikePGH, Pittsburgh community events that support bikeable and walkable streets. BikePGH focuses on advocacy, education, and community to make streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places. 

Community Partners

Under Motional for Safe Streets, Motional partners with organizations that help further the mission of safe roads for all. 


CicLAvia catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation, and good health through car-free street events. 

Motional sponsored a CivSalon, a community dialogue event on Equitable and Safe Streets, as well as CicLAvia open street events. 

safe logo

Streets Are For Everyone aims to improve the quality of life for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike by reducing traffic fatalities to zero. SAFE addresses the challenges through education, community outreach, policy, and support for those impacted by traffic accidents. 

Motional sponsored SAFE's Finish the Ride event in Griffith Park, L.A. in 2022. Motional will also be working with SAFE to support safe street legislation. 

Zero Fatalities Logo_small

Motional is proud to be a member of the Zero Coalition of Las Vegas, whose mission is to reduce road fatalities resulting from impaired driving by providing discounted Lyft Pass rides to the public during holiday weekends and special events. It's part of the Nevada Department of Transportation’s effort for Zero Fatalities, which aims to bring awareness to safe driving issues in Nevada, and reduce the number of roadway fatalities. 


Interested in being a part of Safe Streets?

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