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Resuming Self-Driving Rides with COVID-19 Safety Measures

October 22, 2020 Las Vegas

You need to get where you’re going, even during the pandemic. That’s why we’ve resumed our self-driving service with Lyft – a service that has provided over 100,000 rides to members of the public in Las Vegas. It’s the longest-standing service of its kind, and our self-driving cars, now with added protective measures, are once again available through the Lyft app.

Motional and Lyft share a commitment to rider safety, and we know COVID-19 is top of mind for our passengers and operators. Here’s how we’re delivering the safest possible experience, and providing peace of mind with every ride.

Our Approach to Vehicle Sanitizing

We carefully researched and implemented a new set of enhanced protective measures prior to relaunching our service. These measures, which follow CDC, World Health Organization, and local and state government guidelines, include:

  • Adding protective partitions between the front and rear seats
  • Outfitting our vehicle operators with PPE
  • Requiring all vehicle occupants wear masks
  • Sanitizing each vehicle at the start of each shift, the end of each day, and in between rides

Our team closely monitors these procedures and their implementation across the full fleet. We’ll also continue to monitor research and expert guidance for developments and new best practices.

Passenger and Operator Wellbeing

Before each shift, operators must confirm that they’re not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, haven’t knowingly been exposed to infected persons or areas, and are willing to follow CDC and local guidelines related to COVID-19. Passengers are also asked to follow safety guidelines before riding with Motional and Lyft. You can find more information about Lyft’s Health Safety commitment here.

Vehicle occupants are to wear masks during the ride, while hand sanitizer, gloves, and sanitizing wipes will be available inside the car.

Should any operators or passengers test positive for or suspect they’ve contracted COVID 19, Motional and Lyft will work together to ensure proper contact tracing. Operators will be immediately removed from our service, with pay, and advised on quarantine and testing protocol.

Addressing Health and Safety Concerns of Consumers

COVID-19 has redefined what safety means today in the driverless industry, and fundamentally impacted how consumers, like you, make everyday choices regarding transportation.

According to our recent Consumer Mobility Report, 70% of American consumers admit risk of infection is a major concern impacting transportation decisions. Meanwhile, 60% of consumers are reconsidering their transportation options to accommodate for social distancing, and one in five (19%) say they’re more interested in self-driving vehicles than they were pre-pandemic.

By relaunching our driverless fleet in Las Vegas with new protective measures in place, we’re actively addressing concerns around health and safety, while responding to demand for alternative transportation options.

With our new protective measures in place, it’s our mission to ensure you feel safe and comfortable while riding with Motional and Lyft.

And so far, our passengers are loving their self-driving rides. Here’s what they’ve had to say:

  • “This was such a cool experience. The car performed amazing…”
  • “First time in a self-driving car… We loved the ride and can’t wait to get in another.”
  • “That’s [CENSORED] awesome.”

Want to experience a Motional self-driving ride for yourself? The next time you’re in Las Vegas, use the Lyft app to book one.