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Consumer Mobility Report

Each year, we conduct a survey of Americans to understand their views on autonomous vehicles. 

About the Report

For the fourth year in a row, Motional has commissioned a Consumer Mobility Report to help shed light on how the general public views, understands, and trusts autonomous vehicle technology. An independent third party surveyed 1,000 people from across America. Here’s what we learned:

Regional Findings

A woman works in the back of a robotaxi on the way to work
Veteran riders


Take to work

An older couple uses their smartphone to summon a robotaxi to the airport


Ride to the airport

Use Cases

Why people say they'd choose an AV

Two young women sit in the back of a robotaxi


Run errands

A man rolls his suitcase toward a waiting robotaxi


To save money

A silver Motional IONIQ 5 robotaxi drives at nighttime along the Las Vegas Strip, its LED headlights shining


Travel at night

A gray IONIQ 5 robotaxi drives in past a Santa Monica street that's lined with palm trees

Road Safety

Americans reported that distracted drivers (82%), road rage (62%), and inexperienced or bad drivers (54%) are the greatest threats to road safety. AVs can help improve overall road safety by reducing accidents caused by human error, and survey respondents agree. For example, nearly half (49%) see AVs as a solution to drunk driving.

Changing How the World Moves

AVs have the potential to transform communities through safer, smarter, and more sustainable transportation. Motional's 2023 Consumer Mobility Report illustrates a growing interest in AVs as more consumers become familiar with the technology and possible benefits.

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