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Mobility Report

Each year, we conduct a survey of 1,000 Americans to understand their views on autonomous vehicles. 

About the Report

For the third year in a row, Motional has commissioned a Consumer Mobility Report to help shed light on how the general public views, understands, and trusts autonomous vehicle technology. An independent third party surveyed 1,000 people from across America. Here’s what we learned:


The survey found that two-thirds of respondents are comfortable with the safety of AV technology.


Generational Divide

The younger generations embrace the idea of AVs in their communities; 7 of 10 Gen Z respondents said they would feel comfortable as a cyclist or pedestrian in a city with AVs, or as a passenger in an AV.  While the majority of Boomers said they would feel concerned as a pedestrian in a city with AVs.

Respondents who feel comfortable with the safety of AV technology:


Gen Z





Familiarity Leads To Comfort

Over half (53%) of those who have ridden in an AV are comfortable with the safety and security of AV technology and almost half (46%) would choose an AV over a human-driven ride-hail.

Top Reasons People Prefer AVs

MCMR Stats

Gender Differences

While women prefer AVs over human drivers for personal safety reasons, men prefer AVs because they feel it would make the road safer (35%) and that AVs would be cleaner (33%).

Road Safety

Americans believe AVs can significantly reduce dangerous driving habits:


Drunk driving



Road rage



Distracted driving


Changing How the World Moves

AVs have the potential to transform communities through safer, smarter, and more sustainable transportation. Motional's 2022 Consumer Mobility Report illustrates a growing interest in AVs as more consumers become familiar with the technology and possible benefits.

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