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What We Do

We’re developing Level 4 autonomous vehicles for ride-hail and delivery networks.

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The Future is Driverless

We’re making autonomous vehicles a safe, reliable, and accessible reality.

At Motional, we’re more than just a technology company. We’re transforming transportation to create safer streets, better and more sustainable mobility options, and more vibrant communities. That’s our vision for the driverless future, and we’re making it a reality by building highly safe and smart Level 4 autonomous vehicles (AVs) and conveniently bringing them to consumers through on-demand mobility services. 


Developed for Ride-hail and Delivery

Motional’s driverless vehicles are specially designed to provide autonomous ride-hail and delivery services. We believe moving people presents the biggest opportunity for driverless technology to benefit communities, and that remains our primary focus. Our robotaxi is also designed for autonomous delivery as it complements our existing robotaxi technology and is another channel to serve consumers. 


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Moving our Industry Forward

Motional leads the AV industry in safety-focused data sharing with our nuScenes open source datasets.
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