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We Are Motional

We're on a mission to make driverless vehicles a safe, reliable, and accessible reality.


About Us

Motional has been revolutionizing driverless technology for decades. Our DNA — a joint venture between automotive technology expert Aptiv and vehicle manufacturing leader Hyundai Motor Group — uniquely positions us to fundamentally change the way the world moves.

We harness deep industry experience in our mission to develop and deploy autonomous vehicles (AVs). Motional works closely with public and private partners to pair advanced driverless technology with a viable path to commercialization. 

Our Team

Motional was founded by some of the earliest pioneers in the AV industry. Today, our team comprises leading experts in robotics, machine learning, software, and hardware engineering. 

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Our Work

We’re developing and commercializing SAE Level 4 AVs for autonomous ride-hail and delivery. We partner with major ride-hail companies, including Lyft, Uber Eats, and Via, to deploy our AVs on their networks. 

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Our Locations

Headquartered in Boston, Motional has offices across the United States: in Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas, as well as in Singapore. 

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Our Leadership

Innovation is at the heart of Motional’s DNA. Our team dates back to two of the first AV start-ups in the world, nuTonomy and Ottomatika, founded out of MIT and Carnegie Mellon. Today, our leadership represents the foremost visionaries in autonomous technology who are driven by a mission of safer streets.

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We’re partnered with major ride-hail companies to introduce AVs to the public.

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Safety Drives Us

We believe AVs can fundamentally improve road safety and save lives. 

Driverless vehicles have the potential to fundamentally improve road safety by eliminating accidents caused by human error. Motional’s autonomous vehicles are never drunk, drowsy, or distracted. They’re expert drivers; singularly focused on the task at hand: safely traveling from point A to point B.


Our Safety Philosophy
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Our History

Company Milestones

Through the company’s history, Motional team members have driven many important milestones for the industry.


Interested in working with us?

Our employees are located in the US and Asia and  are at the forefront of transportation innovation.

Motional employees are driven by a purpose; to build world-changing technology that will make roads safer, create more equitable transportation, and lead to more vibrant communities.

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