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Explore the Motional AV ecosystem.


Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles

At Motional, we’re building autonomous vehicles that will change the way the world moves. We aim to not only build the world’s safest and most capable driver, but also to develop driverless technology that passengers will enjoy and mobility partners can easily integrate onto their networks.


Sensor Suite

Over 30 sensors - a combination of cameras, radar, and LiDAR - provide robust, 360-degree perception and ultra-long range detection of objects for safe operation.


The onboard compute system processes high volumes of data from the robotaxi’s sensors to provide the vehicle with a view and understanding of the world around it.

Data & Machine Learning Technologies

Our approach centers around Motional's Continuous Learning Framework, a cloud-based infrastructure which uses machine learning principles to make our fleet of AVs more experienced and safer with every mile they drive. Motional's AI-first autonomy stack requires large amounts of high-quality, annotated data for training. Motional uses the Continuous Learning Framework to mine for, train, and analyze its system against rare scenarios or edge cases.

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Partner Platform

With Motional’s suite of products, our partners can easily plug-and-play entire fleets of robotaxis onto their network. This includes:

  • Dispatching and monitoring the fleet
  • Custom user interfaces for a tailored experience
  • Cloud-based software updates
  • Fleet storage and calibration support

Passenger UX

Motional product design teams and researchers set out to create a seamless end-to-end user experience. The features include:

  • Interior screens to communicate with the rider, including tactile buttons for vision-impaired riders
  • In-cabin sensors that ensure a safe rider experience
  • Exterior features to help riders find and communicate with the robotaxi
  • Remote customer assistance available anytime


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Partner with Us

For commercial or other partnership inquiries, reach out to us.