The Non-Profit Sector


Regarding the non-profit mindset, long gone are the days of low expectations and low accountability. For about two decades, non-profits have been increasingly held to business performance standards such as results-oriented management and ROI (return on investment). Similarly, brand strategy and marketing communications have come of age in the non-profit environment. It is with this as a backdrop that we have worked extensively with and within the non-profit sector for twenty years; we have witnessed it, we have lived it, we understand it.

Examples below highlight schools and universities, industry associations, small business support organizations, grassroots advocacy groups:



National Women's Business Owners Corporation  (NWBOC)

NWBOC provides certification for women business owners, which most large corporations and government purchasing entities require for participation in utilization programs. In designing the NWBOC website, we knew it was vital to present a quick overview of WBE certification for the casual user, but users diving into the application process also needed to find deep, detailed information easily. By necessity, this site is copy-heavy, so we added video clips as a choice for information delivery, for users who are more likely to click on a video than to read an entire page of copy.

To highlight NWBOC's new annual event, Decades of Excellence, we created a ‘mini-site' with its own graphic look, so the event would have a distinctive landing page, but actually it is part of the same site.   


Baker University


Baker University needed a website that attracted and met the needs of their alumni, that was separate from the University's site. We designed a site with high-key colors complementing the Baker blue and orange. The navigation allows easy navigation to general information, staff directory, alumni events and travel, award applications, and posting and archiving of the University Advancement publications. Online donations and an area for log-in where alumni can look up and locate one another.



Kansas University Medical Center  (KUMC)

This website, for a project called A Change of Heart, targeted women for heart health knowledge. One goal was to attract women for free and low-cost screenings, taking place in a brand-new facility specifically for this purpose. Another goal was to raise the awareness that KUMC provides top-ranked cardiology services and physicians doing research and clinical trials.



Kansas City Council of Women Business Owners  (KC-CWBO)


What did one business association do to let its personality shine through? The KC-CWBO put a happy face – rather, their members' happy faces – on their homepage in an animation. As a marketing-driven design decision, having members' faces conveys a sense of personality about the organization, as well as subtly showing that their membership is made up of some of the most successful women business owners in the area. The client says the design of their website helps to differentiate them from the various other business associations.

The KC-CWBO website was designed so that the client can update their own content, within parameters. “We are constantly updating and changing the web pages,” says co-founder Becky Wilson of WDS Marketing and Public Relations. “So it was important to us to be able to do that ourselves.”