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nuPlan: A closed-loop ML-based planning benchmark for autonomous vehicles

July 12, 2021 nuScenes

Authors: Holger Caesar, Juraj Kabzan, Kok Seang Tan, Whye Kit Fong, Eric Wolff, Alex Lang, Luke Fletcher, Oscar Beijbom, Sammy Omari

Published: July 12, 2021

Summary: We propose the world’s first closed-loop, ML-based planning benchmark for autonomous driving. While there is a growing body of ML-based motion planners, the lack of established datasets and metrics has limited the progress in this area. Existing benchmarks for autonomous vehicle motion prediction have focused on short-term motion forecasting, rather than long-term planning. This has led previous works to use open-loop evaluation with L2-based metrics, which are not suitable for fairly evaluating long-term planning. Our benchmark overcomes these limitations by introducing a largescale driving dataset, lightweight closed-loop simulator, and motion-planning-specific metrics. We provide a high-quality dataset with 1500h of human driving data from 4 cities across the US and Asia with widely varying traffic patterns (Boston, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas and Singapore).

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