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2021 Motional Consumer Mobility Report

November 16, 2021 Consumer Mobility Report

Americans see promise in AVs, but more work to do

For the second year in a row, Motional has commissioned a Consumer Mobility Report to help shed light on how the general public views, understands, and trusts autonomous vehicle technology.

An independent third party surveyed 1,000 people from across America, and a few things are clear:

  • Americans believe AVs are the wave of the future, and can help improve accessibility to safe and reliable transportation;
  • They feel AVs will help reduce some of the main causes of serious accidents such as impaired, distracted, drowsy, and aggressive driving;
  • Many support investments in the infrastructure that supports AV deployments, and have interest in rethinking parking spaces in their communities;
  • And their concerns around safety show that the industry still has work to do around assuring the public that the technology is trustworthy.

For example, half of respondents believe AVs will be available in their communities within five years, with more than a third saying they’d be open to taking a robotaxi today. More than 40% said they currently can’t take public transportation because it is either unreliable or isn’t available in their community. Nearly one-third feel that making infrastructure investments to support AVs would make their community more desirable to move to, and three times more people believe that AVs could have a positive impact on their community compared to those who feel they won’t.

With more than 37,000 people dying on American roads every year, respondents recognize the need to make our public roadways safer; 68% agreed that ensuring safer roads should be a top priority. And most feel AVs will reduce their worry about drivers who are intoxicated, texting, tired, or aggressive.

Consumers are also starting to better understand how AVs may impact their everyday lives. For example, 58% said the number one reason they own a personal vehicle is that it’s the only way they can get to work, school, shopping, and other services. On the flip side, 28% said they’d give up their car if there were more transportation options. And more than one-third feel that spaces currently reserved for parking vehicles would be better used for other public purposes; imagine streetscapes with more outdoor seating or green space, and fewer parking lots and garages.


Motional’s 2021 Consumer Mobility Survey shows that consumer attitudes around AV technology and how robotaxis could impact their everyday lives continue to trend in a positive direction. It also reinforces the importance of assuring our future customers that Motional’s robotaxis will operate safer than the best driver. The future of transportation is arriving soon and we can’t wait to change the way the world moves.

Download our white paper containing a more comprehensive look at the survey’s results: The 2021 Motional Consumer Mobility Report

**Update: Download The 2022 Consumer Mobility Report