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A thumbnail of an IONIQ 5 robotaxi looking for a curbside space

Shared Spaces: How Cities Could Help Support AVs

AVs are programmed to follow driving rules and won't double-park or block driveways. Cities could help robotaxis thrive by designating curbside spaces for passenger and package pickups and dropoffs. 

Safe Streets thumb

Introducing Motional for Safe Streets

Motional's CEO explains how the company will use its resources to create positive change across a wide variety of causes impacting road safety in urban areas.

Animation of AVs in storage

DriverlessEd Chapter 4: Ready For Launch

Chapter 4 of Motional's DriverlessEd series details the behind-the-scenes work that takes place before robotaxis can start picking up passengers,  including creating high-detail street maps, building a garage, and completing test drives.